Thursday, October 2, 2008

All about the holidays

I always like the simple things, I love Christmas time. My tree and house are always decorated the first week of November and i take it down the day after Christmas because by then I am over it. So I started making my Christmas party Invitations last year, and with everything life throws at you I did not have one. So I am ready to have my party this year. I am a obsessed lover of snowflakes, not just any snowflakes I love silver or glittery snowflakes, and i am not a huge fan of red and green traditional Christmasy things. My tree, i don't do colored lights, only clear and lots of them, my mother bought me a 9 ft tree when we bought the house because i have a huge open tall living, kitchen, and dining area and it fits so well. My sister Taylor is very good at decorating for Christmas, she just has an eye for it. Her and her new husband just bought a big, beautiful new home with lots of space and i can't wait to see what she will do. but the whole reason for this long chat fest is because i am going to share my cards i made.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

my first attempt at card making

Anyone that knows me from when i was a child, knows that i was not allowed to celebrate Halloween. I never understood it and still don't till this day, Now that I am grown i love to give out candy to the kids, so i wanted to send my family and friends cards just because. so here is my first card.

My Wonderful Strawberry Cupcakes with homemade strawberry buttercream icing

I was in a cupcake making mood, so i had all the ingredients. So i made the cake mixure(strawberry) and then added the strawberries, you need to use sweetened frozen strawberries because fresh strawberries make it bitter. then I buy most of the time the alum. cake cups because you can put them on a cookie sheet and they stand on their own. and the icing is just 5 cups of powered sugar, 2 sticks of real butter and as much strawberry mixture you want. after you mix the frosting and it is still to runny add powered sugar till you reach the consistancy you want, and you want it a little stiff to stay on top of the cupcake. and i just use a gallon baggie to put my icing in, i like my tops messy and full.

My Very First Post

I am very new to this so I hope that i get the hang of it. I have looked at several bloggers and they are so good at this. It is getting to be fall and that is when i get Crafty and want to bake all the time. I have joined an online stamp club and a craft group to go to each month, so i will start having a few things to show you.