Friday, January 30, 2009

Install Heroes.....Call and we will come to the rescue

Sounds kind of cheesy right? Well everyone, please hope for the best for us. With the closing of Circuit City that has left Adam, Brendan and Ryan scratching their heads. With the way things are they had about a 5% chance finding jobs paying as well as they were making. Leave it to them to come up with a solution, that is where comes in. As of Thursday Jan. 30. They are offically a corporation. They have been slammed with work everyday. So they look tired, they have been working their CC job till it closes, and that is brutal to them. (The customers are comming in and they treat the employees like dogs). They have installs in between that. I have not seen Adam in days. So everyone PLEASE pass along this info if you know anyone that needs computer repair, a suround sound installed, just about anything electronic and computers they can do. They beat Firedog and Geek Squad prices. Have a happy day all.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Playing with paper and pop dots

I love pop dots and paper. I am struggling with thinking outside the box, with my cards. I am obsessed with my scallop punch. Need more punches.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It was a craft and baking weekend

I have been under a ton of stress with Circuit City going out of business, and Adam starting his own company. So on Saturday and Sunday I have crafted. Went to my dear friend Samanthas for a Stampin up camp, and we made two cards. Sunday, I played with one of my new stamp sets. Here they are.

This one I made on Sunday.

These are the ones I made on Saturday.

Thank You Bakerella!!!!!!!!!

I just love this blog. She is very talented. . I had to try this recipe. here are the results. I never eat anything sweet that I make, but let me tell you I did this time. I have been watching very close to what I eat and have not had a Soft drink in over a month, so I deserved to taste this.

No more word verification

Sorry to everyone. I did not know that I had that set and I hate having to do that everytime I visit a blog.

ok I am posting for Deb's challenge!

Ok the picture is ........ Molly. Dawn's dog. We babysit her for Dawn when they went to the beach. Let her out to go potty, called her and called her and this is where we found her. She would not stay out of our pool. Finally had to take the ladder off.