Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Allison !!!!!

My friend Allison's Birthday is soon, so last night I was in a crafting mood. So I decided I wanted to make her a cupcake card. So I sat there at my new crafting table with all my new baskets and totes and started to work. after about 15 minutes I knew that i needed help. I started looking at the Internet to get ideas, and I found a template that I was trying to get in my head. I printed it and the size was all wrong, so my wonderful husband thinks that it is time to teach me Photoshop, I would rather just let him do it, he is amazing at photoshop and knows it better than anyone, but it would take him years to teach me, why should I learn it if I have him is my way of thinking (lol). Anyway, I got the card made and I had to make the envelope, and wrapped the present. I love this time of year, all the presents to wrap. All my friends get me to wrap their presents, they hate wrapping, I love it. If I don't blog before Halloween, HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!!!!!!