Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Felicia.

Dawn's daughter Felicia just had a birthday on Tuesday, the 16th. Friday we had a very fun day. I suprised her and took her to the Lollipop Shop off the Sevierville exit, and they have the coolest thing, you can fill up your bucket with anything you want from one wall and the buckets in the middle of the store for one price. Then we went and saw Bolt the movie in 3D, that is a very cool thing to see, and she got a whole new outfit head to toe at Kohls. Then she got twister moves at her party that night. I love that little girl.

Let there be treats.

Here are the bags everyone got to take home after the party. I used my stampin up snow swirled stamp set and earth elements ink spots to decorate the bags.

Cranberries all around

My husband made for Thanksgiving homemade cranberry sauce.

And I made homemade Cranberry bannana bread with and without pecans for my goody bags for the Party and friends.

Merry Christmas Dawn and Jodi.

I finally got to give then their gifts. I found the cutest bags for them. They got pj's, candy, and my favorite hair product.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!

Thank you to all that made my Birthday special. I am very blessed to have people in my life tha care so much about me. Our ornament party was on Saturday December 13. and I had a good day. First present I recieved for my birthday was pampered chef bowls, then I got a Circut, then I got Stampin Up stamps, My mother in law gets me a Winnie the pooh ornament with by birthday present every year, well I got 5 this year. I have enough for a whole tree that I will do next year. I recieved on Sunday at my suprise party. Candles, more pampered chef, a game, a blackberry that my husband bought me, jewlery and my wonderful husband took our wedding video and got it on a dvd, money lots of money, and my birthday present and christmas present are a combined gift that I get at Christmas. I got lots of good things this year. Not to forget 2 B-day cakes. Thank you Tammy for my Birthday Cut, Color and style. you did not have to do that.

Christmas is in the Air

I have been a crafting fool this last week. I am finished shopping. I started in October. But my best friends Dawn and Jodi work the same place,they have secret pals all year and find out who has been buying for them at their Christmas Party and they had their christmas party last Friday. So I suprised them and got all this stuff to make their presents pretty. here are the pics. Also since all 3 of us have the best hair stylist in the world, I also got some things for her.

This is Dawn's secret pals presents.

This is Jodi's secret pals gifts.

This is Tammy's gifts.