Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's almost here !!!

Halloween is almost here and Dawn and I have been busy. I worked in the kitchen the other day making suckers and hard candy. Dawn came over on Sat. to help make candy apples. I thought we would never get started because of our party city trip. It looked like walmart the day after Christmas in there. Me and Dawn thought it would be a great idea for her and I and three count it, three kids to just run in. Never again. they did not have everything we needed so we still had to make a trip to the Walmart. Finally we made it here and got to work, i have to say for our first time making them, they look fabulous. Here is some pictures and I am gonig in there in a sec to start the caramel apples, yum! Ok I have made the caramel apples, not as easy as the candy.