Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!

Thank you to all that made my Birthday special. I am very blessed to have people in my life tha care so much about me. Our ornament party was on Saturday December 13. and I had a good day. First present I recieved for my birthday was pampered chef bowls, then I got a Circut, then I got Stampin Up stamps, My mother in law gets me a Winnie the pooh ornament with by birthday present every year, well I got 5 this year. I have enough for a whole tree that I will do next year. I recieved on Sunday at my suprise party. Candles, more pampered chef, a game, a blackberry that my husband bought me, jewlery and my wonderful husband took our wedding video and got it on a dvd, money lots of money, and my birthday present and christmas present are a combined gift that I get at Christmas. I got lots of good things this year. Not to forget 2 B-day cakes. Thank you Tammy for my Birthday Cut, Color and style. you did not have to do that.

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