Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Shower Time Again!

My wonderful Aunt Debra made these invitatons for a baby shower I am hosting with my wonderful friend Jodi.  The shower is for twin girls. The theme is pink and brown, and cupcakes and polka dots. 
Here is the invitation, and I made sock cupcakes for the babies, and a banner that says "twiced blessed". I think that I did pretty good on the banner to be my first one.


Frances Vineyard said...

I love twins :) what is she naming them? cute invites!

Alison said...

Thank You! I am not sure yet, they are trying to narrow it down.

Deb M. said...

Love the banner & sock cupcakes. I had so much fun crafting with you...hope you come back soon. I'm happy that you liked the invitations. :-)