Friday, January 22, 2010

All that was left was the juice!

I have babied this beef brisket for 3 days. The marinating and waiting.....and waiting... and waiting.... and finally the cooking slow for over 3 hrs. I tell you it stuffed all six of us. This time I made Pioneer Women Beef Brisket. It for me was just a little salty, and did not shred, but it was devoured. So I will get to the good stuff.
Here is the recipe
Braised Beef Brisket

The Ingredients are:
beef consomme(not beef broth)
low sodium soy sauce
juice of lemons
garlic cloves
liquid smoke
beef brisket

One thing I can say is that none of these recipes have very many ingredients

Next we prepare

the beef consume(looks pretty gross)

The soy sauce(I will had half of this mext time) A little strong

the lemons

The garlic, oh!!! bring on the garlic

The liquid smoke(I think this is what makes it)

The brisket.  I went to Kroger and was looking all around the meat dept for beef brisket and the meat guy says this is way cheaper. Beef brisket is like 7.00 or more a pound. He says it is the same thing as beef brisket just leave the spices off. I think he was wrong. It would not shred.

I had to marinade for 48 hrs.

cover and wait...wait...wait...

wow looks good.

ready to eat and eat and eat.

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Deb M. said...

That looks delicious. We will have to give this one a try. TFS!