Saturday, January 30, 2010

Simple, Perfect Chili for a cold snowy day.

I rushed out Friday afternoon trying to beat the winter storm. Was not lucky, half way thru the store it was just a snowing. We get to the front door of the store and make a mad dash to get the groceries in and get out of the wet slush that is falling.  Made it home safe and pretty dry.  I will be away from home for a few days so I wanted to make Adam something he could eat on while I was gone. Chili is not my favorite thing to eat, I HATE BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I only added one can of pintos to this chili.
Ingredients are
cayenne pepper
chili powder
ground beef
tomato sauce
masa(corn flour)
optional: are pinto beans, kidney beans,jalapeno,diced tomato

first get ground beef and garlic cooking
then in a large pot I put the tomato sauce and all the spices
then once the meat cooked I added it to the sauce and spices and you are supposed to let it simmer for a hour but my mixture was too thick for that so I added the tomatoes and a little water to the pot and let it cook at once.
see too thick
now it is simmering for hour and it smells great!


Deb M. said...

Looks good!! Perfect dinner for this cold weather...brrr!! ;-) TFS!!

Diane said...

YUMMY! That looks delish!

I just made a big pot of vinison chili. What we didn't eat I froze. Will be great to have on hand for another day when the temps are around 30°, lol.