Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert

Friday March 5, 2010 we set out to the concert my husband has been waiting for. Brad Paisley is his favorite singer and has waited a long time to see him. I leave it to Adam to buy the best tickets he can get. We only found out about the concert not even 2 weeks before he was here. We get to the concert and have the worst seats ever, 2 rows from celing bad, so far away you can't even see the big screen. Well knowing people in great places makes all the difference in the world. before I show you where we ended up let me just tell you Miranda Lambert is horrible, she sounded bad and looked bad. I would not go see her again for free, and she sang forever.
     I watch 4 wonderful kids, and their father owns the securtiy company for Thompson Bowling Arena, he got us 2 rows from floor on the side of the stage, they were the best seats because how the stage was set up. Besides the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill front row seats we had a couple of years ago, the best concert ever.


Diane said...

Glad you got to see BP. My DGD would have loved that concert as well :o) Diane

Anonymous said...