Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am a stamp!

My husband designed me a logo to have on my projects I make.  I had this lady make me some stickers with Alison's Kitchen and Crafts on them with little cupcakes. After a while they will be costly. I was sitting at his parents house Christmas Eve and he was acting like a small child wanting to open presents, and he wanted me to open this one gift first.  He is the worst at waiting till Christmas to give me my gifts. He really spoiled my Christmas gift last year, he bought me a pink Acer netbook and he just had to let me have it 2 weeks before Christmas. I was so upset with him, I made him wrap it ad put it under the tree. 

So finall we open gifts and I unwrap two stamps and when I look at them I realize they have my name on them.  It was so sweet, I love them and can't believe he was creative enough to think of it.  So here they are. Note: the last pic is the round stickers I got.

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Deb M. said...

Too cute!! I have to give Adam kudos for that gift. How thoughtful and special. TFS!!