Monday, December 8, 2008

Nothing like getting together with friends.

I have great friends. We decided to get together and make candy for the holidays and my annual Christmas Party. I always have something for my guests to take home from any party I have. It is a way of saying Thank You for attending. So I always have about 10 things I need and want to do but time is not on my side most of the time. Well here are what I have made and a couple of pictures.

The first thing we made was a sweet party mix and it was easy.
Get the following items: 1 box golden grahams, 1 box apple cinn cheerios,
1 bag stick pretzles. 3 bags white choc chips, and peanut butter.
Take 2 cups of each item and put in bowl. Melt 1 bag of choc and about 1 good heaping tablespoon of peanut butter and mix with the choc as it is melting. once it is melted, stir over the mix then on wax paper spread out good and it will harden fast and break up into pieces and store. It has a very good flavor and it will make a bunch. Great as a bagged gift.

Next we made thin mint, grasshopper like cookies. (This was easy)
Get 2 boxes of Vanilla wafers, peppermint flavor, and melting choc.
melt choc, add flavoring after choc melts. then dip wafers in choc and let dry. We used the forks from my fondue pot, turned the wafers over and after dipping into the choc, and then pressed firm on one side and it layed perfect, it took no time for this.

Last we just covered pretzles in choc. I for some reason I hate doing this with a passion. Dawn loves these, I just hate making them.

I have made other things like peppermint meltways, I don't think I will make these again, they turned out very pretty, but too much work and stuff in them, and cranberry oatmeal cookies, these need something more they are kind of bland, they are still good though.


thescrapmaster said...

My fiance ate all the mint chocolate covered things and didn't offer me any! LOL (that's ok I am not a mint person anyway). I LOVED LOVED those crackers. They were so delicious! We've gone through most of the goodies already, LOL you are such a great baker. I will trade you the cracker recipe for the orange cookie recipe, how about that :)


Deb M. said...

I want some me some!! Everything looks yummy.